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Positive Effects of Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis works by getting to the base of the problem—by digging deeper into

your subconscious mind to rewire it and modify your habits in a positive way.

Due to subconscious barriers, most of us are unaware of what drives our routines

and actions, and as a result we are stuck in our mind. Consequently we continue

to repeat the same behavior routines and become caught in a rut.

We must transform our ideas at the core to properly understand them. We will

always revert to old, familiar patterns of behavior unless we change them at the

root, no matter how hard we attempt to change on the surface, which can be quite


Consider your mind to be a stretchy band. It keeps returning to the only thing it

knows. Hypnosis completely strains and snaps that "elastic band." To put it

another way, when you listen to your hypnosis tape, your mind stretches and

breaks old habits, creating a new pathway—a new habit.

Hypnosis also produces remarkable outcomes since it affects our emotional state.

We have a conscious, "logical mind" and a subconscious, "feeling mind" The

logical half of our mind will always be defeated by our subconscious emotions and

sensations. This is why self hypnosis audio sessions by www.brain-stories.com will

assist you in reprogramming your mind to overcome any anxieties or barriers that

your rational (conscious) mind has created.

What is Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a technique for inducing deep relaxation in the mind and body.

This makes it possible for your mind to be open and sensitive to the good ideas

you want to acquire.

You access the subconscious part of your mind when you relax while listening to

hypnosis audio. The critical, conscious part of your brain then switches off to allow

good suggestions and fresh thoughts to enter.

Your mind is quite powerful, and you have far more control over it than you realize.

As a result, anything you concentrate on, while listening to your audio tapes, gets a

deeper meaning. Your hypnosis paints a vivid picture of exactly what you want,

and navigates you towards it.

To have a stronger effect on your mind, self help audio sessions by www.brain-stories.com apply a fascinating ,impressive and dynamic language used by well

known and professional therapists.

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